Nanital – A beautiful city with Delicious Food

Nainital, a famous hill station in the Uttarakhand state is also famous for its various street foods. Nainital has its lip-smacking traditional cuisine which the food lovers really try to taste. It’s a famous tourist spot which has a variety of cuisines from north Indian, Chinese, continental, Italian to Thai etc. The famous local food is like ras, baadi, bhatt ki churkani aloo ke gutke and many more. The city of lakes and famous for its scenic sights also have a variety of fast food such as momos and thukpas, both vegetarian and non vegetarian.

BAL mithai is one of the most popular sweet dishes of the kumaon region, which is made mainly with the roasted khoya and has a sugar balls coating which melts in the mouth while eating and has chocolate fudge like taste. Nainital is a place which serves a delicious food and warm ambience which wins the heart of the food lovers or the visitors. The people living in the Nainital eat mainly highly nutritious food to overcome the harsh conditions.

Kumaoni cuisine is one of the delicious foods which have a distinct flavor of Pahaadi food which is mainly made with the use of mustard and cumin seeds and preparations sans milk, milk products or tomatoes. Chapattis, made from flour is another loved dish from the kitchens of kumaon.Raitas, which is made from the cucumber salad in yoghurt which is flavored with lots of mustard, is a welcome accompaniment food to rice or roti for the people.

In the kitchens of Nainital, there is a wide range of pulses which are mouth-watering recipes for the food lovers which are usually served with the rice. Local food and cuisines are the best foods which are mainly available in the dhabas, restaurants and cafes. Every Indian state has its own local food and its own geographic and weather conditions. The hill station Nainital is also a total typically local selection of dishes which constitute the daily meals of the people living there and also for the food lovers who enjoy the taste of the food.

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