Lowering of water level in lakes of Nainital, Save for Tourism

Nainital is a popular hill station of Uttarakhand. Nainital is set in a valley containing pear shaped lake. This town is famous for favorable climate and natural attractions. This town is totally dependent on its beauty and its economy is basically based upon tourism. And this is possible here because of its undefined natural beauty. Nainital is called the lake district of India. There are total four lakes in the Kumaon hills 1. Sattal Lake 2. Bhimtal 3. Nainital Lake 4. Naukuchiatal

Save This Beauty of Nainital  

This Nainital area is rich in the natural flora and fauna. Many of the aquatic birds and fishes are actually living here and this lake is natural habitat for them. But now Nainital is in danger due to dropping of its water level beyond the limit. Local are worried about the future because of drying up of water bodies. Lake was only one attraction for tourist and it enhances the beauty of this hilly area. This water from lake is mostly underground water can be use as drinking water.

According to environmentalists a frightening picture has came up. They said the winter month upto March from December due to good amount of rain and snow fall. This helps to maintain the water level of Lake Upto the mark after the monsoon over. But this year has been noticed that the level of water is one foot low from the mark instead of level as per previous year. They said there are many factors behind this.

Natural as well man made factor. Mostly man is responsible for this.

  1. Blockage and land slide- Due to deforestation soil is not conserved and this leads to landslide and this landslide use to block the water source.
  2. Increase of water consumption- There are increasing of water tanks and western toilet and consumption of water has increased

Now we have to focus on this ecology imbalance because it can affect the whole Nainital.

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