Best Places in Nainital Attracts Tourism, Enjoy Vacation in Nainital

Nainital is a hill station surrounded by the peaks of Kumaon Hills and is full of natural hot water spring. Basically Nainital is divided into two parts Tallital and Mallital. Tallital and Mallital both are separated by one lake. Tallital is the southern side of lake and Mallital is the northern part. This Nainital is also known as lake district of Uttarakhand or Queen of lakes. If you are planning then you can visit there any time like in summer (March-June) this is the peak tourist season as nainital gives relief from scorching heat. If you are visiting in monsoon season (July- August) then you can track due to heavy rain.

You don’t have to wonder how to reach Nainital. This place is well connected to different towns and cities across the world via rail, air and road. Nainital doesn’t have direct air connectivity. The nearest airport is located at the pantnagar which lies at a distance of 65 kilometers from nainital.The nearest railway station are Kathgodham. You can also visit via National highway87 which links to Rudrapur and Rampur.

Best places in Nainital where you can visit for amazing experiences

Naini Lake:- One of the most famous places is Naini Lake. This lake is very much popular place it reflects the beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy boating, yachting or padding here. There is also one place that is Naini peak which is famous for trekking and horse riding.


Tiffin Top:-  You can also visit Tiffin Top and here you can do lots of street shopping.Another one is Snow view point this point basically offers mesmerizing view of snow capped hills.

Nainital Zoo:- Now the time for children you can visit the Nainital Zoo with your children. This zoo contains several exotic and endangered animals and birds.

Raj Bhawan:- Some other places which is also famous like Raj Bhawan which is actually famous for Gothic architecture.

Eco garden:- Eco garden is one of the park which comprises seven caves and which can be reached through a narrow road especially this attracts the children very much.

Trekking in Binayak:- One of the famous places for trekking is Binayak which is actually a thrilling spot. So you can pack your bags and can enjoy with nature feeling so much thrilling and experience amazing in this summer vacations with your family.

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